Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Gain

Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Gain

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Fierce Fitness uses the F1 Method to achieve optimum fitness results.  The F1 Method is a neuromuscular approach to weight loss and lean muscle gain. It focuses on correcting the individual’s musculature imbalances while addressing their fat loss and lean muscle gain goals.



Before we decide on the best way for you to accomplish your fitness goals, we do a thorough assessment of your current health. Using our Functional Movement Screen and one repetition max test, we determine if you have any muscular or strength imbalances that need to be corrected. During the screening, you perform basic movements that help us in customizing your personal program.  We then recommend the appropriate corrective movements that help us in customizing
your personal program.  We then recommend the appropriate corrective and strength exercises to help realign your body while building lean muscle.  By going through this assessment and doing the corrective exercises you will move safely into to our strength, power and metabolic-training phases.  All the while, your coaches closely monitor your progress; observing how you move and determining which patterns are good and which need to be improved.
Strength training is an important component to any fitness training or weight loss program. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn at rest (a resting metabolic rate or RMR). RMR is responsible for burning 60-70% of our daily calories. Based on your score from our assessments we will place you in the appropriate training program that is specific to your goals.



Over 80% of Americans are plagued by lower back pain on a daily basis. Engaging in a thorough assessment before beginning a training program is essential in eliminating pain from your workout program.  On top of creating a pain-free program the F1 Method is proven to help you burn fat and stay lean.
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