A Gym Like No Other

A Gym Like No Other

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Fierce Fitness specializes in creating a variety of services to meet your personal fitness needs. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness because we understand that every body is different. The Fierce Fitness personal trainers and coaches are skilled professionals, dedicated to helping our members lose weight and gain lean muscle. When you commit to changing your life, not just your body, we have a number of services to offer you:

Semi-Private Personal Coaching

Instead of calling ourselves personal trainers, we prefer the term fitness coaches. When we work with our members, we aren’t just training them to be physically fit; we are coaching them on how to achieve the results they want. Change your life, not just your body today by joining one of our coaching programs. These are small group sessions with just one to three members, depending on the time you register from our prime hours – 6am to 2pm & 4pm – 9pm, Monday through Friday and 6am – 2pm on Saturday. For your convenience, we have two membership packages to choose from; The Body and Life Changer Package and The Kickstarter Package.

Functional Movement Assessment Strategy Session

During this strategy session, a professionally trained personal coach will review your health and training history, and discuss any previous injuries your may have experienced. We’ll listen to your goals and learn more about what you are hoping to achieve by working with us. We will evaluate you on range of motion and flexibility using our Functional Movement Screen. This screening helps to ensure that your fitness program will be designed so that you are safely moving toward your goals. We don’t just throw you on a weight bench or treadmill without a full understanding of your health and fitness history. Finally, you’ll receive a FREE Body Fat Analysis using our high-caliber, state-of-the-art body fat testing machine called the “Inbody,” which displays exactly how many pounds of fat, how many pounds of muscle, and how many pounds of water are in your body. Using this information, we’ll be able to set reasonable and attainable goals before you embark on your fitness journey.

The Gym at Your Service

Some clients don’t need coaching, so for them, we offer general memberships that provide access to our state-of-the-art facility and equipment. But If you are just starting your fitness journey, we suggest that you come in for a strategy session and let us help you determine the most effective means to get the body you want. Once we have a plan in place, you can decide whether personal coaching, group fitness classes or all of these options are what you need. We limit our gym memberships to avoid overcrowding so you’ll never have to wait for your favorite piece of equipment again.

Natural Body Builders and Physique Training

Fierce Fitness also has experience assisting natural body builders and fitness competitors in preparing for competition. We can assist with workouts and nutritional counseling to get you in top shape for your next fitness competition. Owner, Giovanni Preziuso has certification in both areas. He received the Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation Certification from the International Academy of Physique and Conditioning (IAPC).

Inbody Assessment

Do you know what you're made of?

Are you on a diet, looking to get in shape, or trying to maximize performance? Your weight and clothing size are only part of the story.

Are you concerned about your weight?

Your health is dependent on more than just your weight. Knowing if you need to lose fat and where you may need to build muscle can help you tailor your diet and exercise plan to meet your specific goals.

Experience the InBody Test

The new standard. A convenient and accurate way to measure and monitor your body composition.

The InBody measures and reports:

  • The amount and percentage of fat and muscle throughout the body
  • How your body composition compares to healthy expected ranges
  • How many calories you burn

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