Real Personal Training Client Success Stories

If you are getting ready for any sports or bodybuilding competition I highly recommend you use Giovanni Preziuso of Fierce Fitness as your personal trainer. I firmly believe that I could not have achieved the greatest and most conditioned physique possible if not for his step by step guidance in this area. I came to Buffalo with one thing in mind- to win my first bodybuilding show. I never imagined I would meet someone, anyone, who could match my drive and determination, until i met Mr. Preziuso. I gave 110% and Gio gave me 210%, right of the bat. You would have thought he was getting ready to take the 2010 Mr. Olympia himself. This was especially important when dieting down and carb depleting and your attitude starts to kick in. He dished out whatever mood I threw at him and just kept going. I couldn’t have asked for more in a trainer. Most of my coaches or sensei’s from my football and martial arts days would have walked out on me, but Gio understood, he had done pre-contest diets himself, and with bodybuilding you need understanding. He even joined me back stage as a trainer should do and took care of last minute things like oiling, supplementing, assessing, and pumping up. I saw a lot of lonely bodybuilders back there and I was glad I wasn’t one of them.. He even forced his fiance to stay until my last moments on stage, now that’s dedication.

However, all this boasting about his character by no means downplays his pure knowledge and skill of bodybuilding. He must have played a lot with Play-Doh or Legos as a kid because he took the two years of hard earned mass and off-season fat I gained and turned it into a shredded defined sculpture that was ready to handle any bodybuilding show out there. Nothing can compare to the confidence he instilled in me by bringing my body up to par with other bodybuilders already years in advance. When i walked on out into that spotlight, I was able to own the moment, despite what the judges said or thought. You absolutely need that. To top it all of I only gave him 10 weeks to do it too with just the last 8 weeks to diet down. Ha! Sounds crazy as most of my competition was on a diet for 20 weeks. It was incredible! I still relish at the fact when I look at the before and after pictures. Now that’s not to say it didn’t take a lot of elbow grease of my own- you have to want it- just like anyone when they pursue physical fitness, but Gio not only points you in the right direction, he knows the express highway there if you do exactly what he says. Every rep, every set, every can of tuna. Just do it and see what happens. I love that guy, he’s like my brother from a different mother, the pictures speak for themselves. I now have a body that needs just routine maintenance and about 4 weeks of dieting and cardio to get on a stage anywhere and hopefully one day become a professional bodybuilder. That’s a gift that bears no price tag. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Gio, for everything.

In April of 2009 I wasn’t feeling great about how my body or my fitness performance was. I felt I needed to take things to a new level. I had recently lost some weight but trapped in an exercise rut. I had so much more weight to lose, and did not have any muscle. I met Giovanni Preziuso, Certified Personal Trainer at Fierce Fitness, through a mutual friend. Gio listened to what my concerns were. I told him that I needed to lose more weight and I wanted to build lean muscle. Gio helped turn that into personal goals!

My first session with Gio involved lots of one on one time with assessment. It gave me the knowledge to know where I stood and from that Gio was able to develop a plan.

Personal training really meant personal. Gio gave me individualized training contoured around my age, body and fitness level. I was able to ease into a routine that my body could respond to. Eventually the work was all on me with Gio’s one on one guidance. I had to accept the goals Gio set for me, and put forth 100 percent if I wanted to achieve them. Nothing after that came easy. It was pure dedication and I fought for the transformation. Gio motivated me through every session, keeping my mind focused. Gio’s favorite tag line is “It’s Go Season” and that keeps me motivated!

The past sixth months involved a lot of training with suspension straps. It is an exercise using gravity against the force of your own body. It is transforming to say the least. It really focuses on your core; burning high amounts of calories while developing lean muscle mass.

We have since stepped up my training with free weights. I am getting stronger each week. Between the weight lifting, the straps, core training work and Cardio, my body fat went from 48 percent to a cool 19 percent! My weight loss is now well over 100 pounds and I feel amazing! The journey continues…

— Mike

WOW! I couldn’t be more impressed with Giovanni’s skills and mentoring and self confidence – which has definitely parlayed into my existing, now enhanced and further developed self confidence.

At first meeting I knew this guy had something different about him but wasn’t sure what. When I became a dedicated client – I now know why. Giovanni has created a program that worked itself perfectly into my very time constrained personal and business schedule/life. He listened to everything I was most concerned about as well as to what I most desired to achieve.

In the beginning of 2008, I was informed by my Dr. that I potentially could be at risk for three very serious health problems (Very High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure – possibly Diabetes) all of which could have disastrous results if kept unchecked or ignored. As it is now I have to be just about dying to take an aspirin for a simple headache – I am not a medicine taking guy. So when the alternative to taking both Cholesterol and High Blood pressure medicine long term was simple DIET and EXERCISE! I knew I couldn’t do it alone, that I was going to need help – that’s when I found Giovanni / Fierce Fitness. Since working closely with Giovanni (3 days wk) for the past 4 months (February 2008 – May 2008), I have made amazing strides and obtained several goals along the way.

I have lost an amazing 30 lbs. (from 200lbs to 172lbs), I have dropped (6) waist sizes (from 38w to 32w) – ‘I haven’t had a 32inch waist since I was in high school’ ’yah baby! I am currently on my way to my final goal of size 30″ waist, and weigh 165lbs.

I have been able to do this all through Giovanni’s planning, guidance, instruction, dedication to my goals and my needs and also helping me to see and believe that I do have the stamina and the ability to help myself create a stronger, healthier more energetic me.

I am truly blown away at what he has done with/for me, and what I look like now – just 4 months later. There isn’t a day that goes by that someone doesn’t comment on my new, younger, stronger physique and attitude – thanks Giovanni, for listening, for pushing and being a part of my awesome achievement!”

Marketing Director

“Over a period of time I gained about 40 pounds that I thought I would never be able to loose. I had tried everything but didn’t have the motivation to stick to any program. When I started with Giovanni I could tell that he had a genuine interest in my overall health, and wanted to see results just as much as I did.

I have taken 20 sessions with him so far and I am already more then half way to my goal. I am seeing changes in my body that I never thought possible, and am already getting compliments everyday about the differences people can see. Giovanni continually changes up the workouts and tailors them to my specific needs, while never letting me give up.

He always makes the workouts challenging and pushes my body further then I ever thought it could go. As he says ‘Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself’! His energetic and motivating attitude always keeps me positive, and helps me get through the workouts. I can honestly say that I can laugh while having the most intense workout, which actually makes me look forward to the next appointment while seeing results at the same time.

He not only helped me tone my body through weight training and cardio, but he also outlined a nutrition program for me which has largely contributed to my success. I would highly suggest Giovanni to anyone, and I am planning on training with him continually in the future.”

–Amelia Davis
Sprint PCS Account Supervisor

“I started with Giovanni in March of this year. I had been a member of the gym since last October when they opened. After training on my own 3-4 times per week, I was not seeing the results I was looking for. I had met Giovanni in March and had told him how I had been training up to that point, and that my goals were to increase size and strength. When I sat down with Giovanni, he helped me come up with a meal plan to increase my weight by keeping my calorie intake high. Between the meal plan, his training techniques, and his knowledge of muscular anatomy, I have increased my strength, size and my weight has increased from between 145-150 up to 160 pounds in three months. The results from his training together with his knowledge have inspired me to pursue the personal training field myself. Giovanni has offered to share more of his knowledge and experience to help me in my pursuit of this career.”

–Richard Greer
Brass Caster

I started training at Fierce Fitness with Giovanni because I was getting frustrated with the physical therapy regime I was on for my lower back (sciatica) which essentially prevented me from working out. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Gio has been working with me to strengthen the necessary muscles to keep the sciatica in check and develop routines that do not exacerbate any of the weak points in my 53-year old body. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the body, exercise and conditioning. He is a superb motivator and truly cares about his clients. I love going to the gym at Fierce Fitness because it is a friendly, collegial atmosphere with everyone on a first name basis due in large part to Gio’s caring outgoing nature.

–Ruth Keating